Will New App Revive Foursquare’s Dwindling Popularity?

I found our discussion today about location based social networks to be especially interesting. Although this type of social media serves as the most revolutionary form due to its ability to bridge the gap between the Internet and the real world, one highly successful location based social network has yet to be released. For example, as we mentioned in class, even Foursquare has not become as popular as anticipated. Interestingly enough, I just came across this article that discusses a new Foursquare app with enhanced features. The new app can automatically detect a user’s location and offer recommendations, eliminating the need to check-in or even open the app. Do you think this new feature has the potential to increase Foursquare use, or will it be just another failed attempt at producing a successful location based social network?


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One Response to Will New App Revive Foursquare’s Dwindling Popularity?

  1. Very interesting. I think this helps in some ways (you don’t have to check in) but makes it worse in others (people with privacy concerns are really not going to like this new feature). I guess we will have to wait and see how people receive this new app.

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