90% of VMA viewers reacted on Facebook


There isn’t much more I can add, but 90% is a pretty astonishing number and says a lot about the reach social media has on our culture.

Read the article for a more in depth look at our reactions to Miley Cyrus’ twerking and the rest of the VMAs.

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2 Responses to 90% of VMA viewers reacted on Facebook

  1. lauraroseeliza says:

    I wasn’t actually watching the VMAs, but I found out about Miley Cyrus’ performance via facebook. Before I even had a chance to see a replay of her show, I believe my opinions of her show were already a little swayed by what everyone was saying on social media. This just reflects the power social media has to spread/share ideas depending on how events are framed.

  2. This is definitely an impressive number, although I would be cautious about the 90% figure. It seems like they are assuming that every person who created content actually saw the show. As we will see soon, a lot of word of mouth is generated by people who never even experienced the product (or show in this case).

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